Zara opens its third local, this one in Megaplaza

The Spanish Brand ZARA is completing the construction of its premises that, together with H & M, would increase the influx in the mall 7% like the receipt.

As it had predicted, ZARA, Inditex's fast fashion, will countdown for admission to the outskirts of Lima and later this month will open its third local in the capital.

In the edition of 11 July, daily GESTION had already predicted that everything arrival in MegaPlaza of Independence, which had already announced income from long ago H & M.

While the works were in progress in recent months, the site where the two European fast fashion will be located is already 80% complete and sign Zara looked out.

The impact of brands

In this regard, GESTION communicated with Juan Carlos Chiappe, shopping mall manager, who confirmed the entry of Zara and whose opening is scheduled for later this month.

"In the case of H & M, they manage their openings but should open the following weeks of Zara," said the executive.

And certainly, the impact of brands generate more traffic and sales. An estimate is that influx, both should generate growth of between 6% and 7% for the mall, a level that would be repeated in the case of the ticket, he said.

3,000 square meters will have every fast fashion store. Zara goes with all its offer.

Benditas Marcas expands in Peru

The Spanish chain stores in premium brand outlet format BENDITAS MARCAS continues to consolidate in the Peruvian market and reveals what their next moves towards its expansion.

According to the daily Gestion end of next 2017 will launch its first store clothing and women's footwear, which initially would offer the public a total of five high-end European brands.

Jose Angel Higuera Rucabado, general manager for South America and the Caribbean of the company, said the aforementioned local newspaper that in the medium term is projected to have a chain of 10 outlets of premium brands in districts like San Isidro and Miraflores, later to arrive at the main cities of the country.

Earlier this year, announced expansion plans in Peru Benditas Brands. Then the Spanish brand announced its intentions to add 30 stores in Peru to 2020, under a system of semi franchises with 50-50 between the company and its local partners.

Ernst & Young: Peru is attractive to invest in renewable energy

The company EY described Peru as the fourth most attractive country in South America to invest in renewable energy

According to the index of attractiveness of renewable energy by country (Recai 2016) EY, Peru ranks as the fourth South American country more attractive to invest in renewable energy, behind Chile, Brazil and Argentina.

In the world ranking, Peru ranked 24 ° is located (improved four positions compared to 2015) of the world table attractive countries for investment in renewable energy and is the fourth most attractive of South America, according to the latest ranking Recai 2016 EY (formerly Ernst & Young)

The Peruvian government has provided incentives since 2008 to promote renewable energies. This was told Andina news agency Ricardo Del Aguila, Audit Partner of EY.

As for the progress of Peru in renewable energy, Del Aguila said that "among the top have the priority for freight forwarding and access to transmission networks, stable long-term rates and distribution and guaranteed income to the extent of production of energy awarded. "

He further indicated that currently the country has renewable energy sources hydraulic type, wind, solar and geothermal. In the ranking, it is located in the 9th worldwide by appealing to hydropower projects and 11 th place in geothermal projects.

Currently, he said that 34 renewable energy projects are already operational and by 2019 the 60 projects that have been concessioned should operate at a time and each produce 6 million megawatts per hour (MWh).