Brief Business in Mexico

  • Mexico expects income of up to 18 billion dollars from tourism in 2016
  • Nuevo Leon starts bilateral relationship with the U.K.
  • Mexico, a production center with benefits

Business investments in Mexico

  • SNECMA increases its production in Queretaro
  • Audi's supplier seeks to be established in Puebla

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Argentina news

Renewable Energy: investment opportunities

Following our previous flash of October 2015, please note that the Executive Branch issued the applicable regulations (Decree 531) of Law 26,190 by which Argentina seeks the use and development of renewable sources on electricity consumption.

Economic promotion of the province of La Pampa

The province of La Pampa enacted a broad regime to promote productive investment in its territory. In this regard, companies that locate their business in the  province will be granted tax exemptions on local taxes for up to 15 years.

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Investing in Chile through innovation

Start-Up Chile: Global Entrepreneurship Competition is a subsidy to individuals of any nationality, including Chilean, who are founders or owners in implementing an innovation project.

This subsidy gives a financing of up to 90% of the total cost of the program, with a limit of EUR 27,000 per project. The beneficiary company must provide 10% of the costs. .

Moreover, this program will provide work visa for one year to the program beneficiary and a team of up to 3 people (beneficiary included), all of them presented to the program during the application process.

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