llustration Marcus Stark / pixelio.de

In Argentina, till 2019 there is an accessible Software Industry Promotion Regime with the aim of strengthening an economic sector considered a strategic point for national development, by means of increasing skilled employment, exports, research and development activities and quality standards.

The companies that apply to the Record of Software Producers and IT Services will be granted fiscal stability; they will receive a government bond equal to the 70% of capital contributions applicable to the payment of national taxes and tax relief of 60% from Income Taxes.

Bear in mind that:

• Legal Persons are exclusively involved.
• The government bond originated in employer contributions allows tax relief from Income Taxes, in the same proportion to the informed promoted exports.
• Regarding VAT, beneficiaries are excluded from withholdings.
• The benefit over the Income Tax can only be applied to promoted activities, from national or foreign sources.
• Companies that, at the time of enrollment, are under a certification process for the granting of some quality regulations will have a due date of three (3) years to present such certification, counting from the enrollment date.


Due to the low value of real estate properties located in Argentina, in comparison with other Latin- American countries, on the last two years, foreign investments through the construction and administration of condo-hotels has emerged. They are doing very well as short-term rentals. In general this type of investments is channel through real estate trust, granting the investor a liquid asset. For more information, please contact info@consulting- latco.com.ar