Business Opportunity in Mexico

  • Nissan is seeking for suppliers in Mexico
  • Housing of low revenue, opportunity of business for Mexico: bid
  • Mexico, the most attractive country to invest in the energy sector
  • The automotive industry commercialized 502 million 935 vehicles from January to May of 2015

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Argentina: Business Opportunity for the Software Industry

In Argentina, till 2019 there is an accessible Software Industry Promotion Regime with the aim of strengthening an economic sector considered a strategic point for national development, by means of increasing skilled employment, exports, research and development activities and quality standards.

Investments on Real Estate in Argentina

Due to the low value of real estate properties located in Argentina, in comparison with other Latin- American countries, on the last two years, foreign investments through the construction and administration of condo-hotels has emerged. 

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José Manuel Soria, Spain’s Industry Minister met with the Vice president of the Cuban government in Havana

The Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism of Spain, José Manuel Soria, has travelled to Havana to stre ngthen institutional and business bonds between Spain and Cuba. He would have the chance to meet with the Vice president of the Cuban Council of Ministers, Ricardo Cabrisas, Industry sources say.

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Business in Uruguay

Foreign and domestic investors are treated equally. No prior authorization or registration is required for and there are no restrictions on the transfer of capital or profits. Investment projects may be eligible revenue taxes and other sort of taxes for up to 100% of the invested amount.

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