Investments in Uruguay.

Uruguay, has been for the past ten years a strategic partner for investors. It is positioned as a trustworthy and attractive place for foreign investors. It`s strategic location works as an entrance gate to the MERCOSUR and  it has access to an enhanced market. The trustworthiness of its political and economical institutions, jurisdictional stability, and the important benefits for investors, both national and foreign, are just one of the many benefits that the country possesses. In the last ten years Uruguay has had an average 5.6% of Direct Foreign Investments related to its GDP, making the country one of the most important destinations for foreign investors in the region. Moreover, in 2014, investors reinvested a 65% of earnings,  putting the country as the one with the most reinvestment rate of the region.

MTOP announces new PPP project.

The Minister of Transport and Public Works, Victor Rossi, presented a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project with an amount of US $ 90 million. The project is based on the recovery of 141 km of railway between Fray Bentos and Algorta Station in “Río Negro”.

The railway could be used to transport UPM forestry production and Montes del Plata as well. The winning firm of the bidding process, which starts today, will perform the repair and maintenance of railway for 30 years and the State will pay for the availability of use.“This track has a lot of potential and the investment is fully justified,” said  Rossi. He mentioned the proximity of the railway to the port of Fray Bentos pulp mill and UPM Mbopicuá terminal Montes del Plata.