The Commercial Advisor of the Peruvian Embassy in Spain, Bernardo Muñoz Angosto, stated that:

“There is plenty of interest and many Spanish companies are thinking of Peru as an alternative country for opening markets abroad and as an alternative for strategic alliances between small and medium size companies as well as an investment hub for the south American region”.

Mr. Muñoz pointed as main economic sectors for long time investments, energy, gas, petrol, education, optic fiber and logistics corridors.

“APEC and Central America countries are the ones that represent more business opportunities for the small and mid size companies”, according to Antonio Hernandez from KPMG Spain that indicates “ that they can take advantage of the big Spanish companies already established in Peru.

Nevertheless, smaller companies must analyze market niches according to the economic sector, start up conditions and its own advantages.

Peru is the preferred place for Spanish companies   

From 386 Spanish companies located in Peru, 242 were established after 2009 in the infrastructure and service market. Spain has an important role in the economic development of the country. In fact, is the one with the biggest Foreign Direct Investment, with over 5.000 million Euros and employs half a million people, according to the book Impact and Presence of the Spanish Investment in Peru. The Panamerican Games for 2019 is also attracting many Spanish construction companies