Brief Business in Mexico

  • Czech companies show interest in Baja California
  • Yucatan seeks investment of the automotive sector

Business investments in Mexico

  • VestaPark to invest in Puebla
  • Navistar's suppliers seek to establish their plants in Nuevo Leon
  • French aerospace company to invest in Sonora

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Uruguay news

Investments in Uruguay.

Uruguay, has been for the past ten years a strategic partner for investors. It is positioned as a trustworthy and attractive place for foreign investors. It`s strategic location works as an entrance gate to the MERCOSUR and  it has access to an enhanced market

MTOP announces new PPP project

The Minister of Transport and Public Works, Victor Rossi, presented a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project with an amount of US $ 90 million.

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Argentina news

Exchange of Information: new mandatory regime for financial institutions regarding transactions with foreign residents.

Following the due diligence standards set out in the “Common Reporting Standard” (CRS) prepared by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) the National Tax Authorities launched a new information regime for financial institutions on accounts and transactions whose owners are and/or involve non-residents.

  • Income Tax: new list of “tax  heavens” jurisdictions.
  • New Withholding regime for transaction of financial future derivatives over foreign currency.
  • Oil & Gas – Extension of tax exemptions for certain biodiesel.

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“There is plenty of interest and many Spanish companies are thinking of Peru as an alternative country for opening markets abroad and as an alternative for strategic alliances between small and medium size companies as well as an investment hub for the south American region”.

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