We at the international offices of CE Consulting have noticed some doubts that arise to companies when deciding to go or not abroad. In this newsletter we will try to clarify and motivate the decision to go international by considering some key factors for sucess.

1. Growth: when domestic market might be over flooded or demand decreased possibilities may arise linked to exportations.
2. Diversification: diversifying risk means not to depend only on our domestic market.
3. Sales volume: accessing bigger markets, with higher sales volume may allow economies of scale.
4. Reaction against high competition:
particularly from international operators introducing their products and services in our country
5. Prestige: we will achieve higher visibility and brand awareness from both clients and competitors
6. Survival: some companies may found abroad their main and natural market when domestic market is at risk
7. Length: life product cycle will increase when introduced in new markets.
8. Competitive improvements: Competition in international.

Considering all the issues mentioned above the company may decide to go internationaland then a self-analysis exercise and evaluation is advisable to check its readiness for this process. Questioning the following issues will
provide a clear picture:

Basic questions

• Exporting does not mean to attend a specific order or an isolated contract, but the ability to maintain a permanent business stream.
• How is the cash flow position in my business? Is it possible to withstand a disbursement that will not report an immediate return?
• Do I have a flexible and lean production chain? The demand uncertainty is multiplied as we are focusing in several markets.
• Does my business have a clearly defined its business strategy? Which products within my business´ lines are ready for exportation?
• Can I access reliable resources for selecting the optimal target market?
• Can my product be competitive in the new market we are intending to enter?

In the end, going abroad with minimum guarantees of success, it is a business decision that should be considered calmly and accompanied by a series of implementation
measures to achieve success. CE International Consulting offices have the experience and means to help Spanish SMEs in this complex, while necessary, process.

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