IFE is since 1979, the most important food and drink fair in the United Kingdom. It is an ideal event for any company wishing to expand their market in this country and it is held every two years at Excel London in the month of March. The dates for the next event are from 22 to 25 March.

The philosophy of this event is that although we are in the digital age where information is more readily available people will always prefer- and need- meetings face to face.

It is a fact that you can get more contacts and acquire more market intelligence during the four days that last an international event than you could obtain in months through other means.
All the sectors of the food and drink market are present at the event: manufacturing, distribution and importers and exporters.

IFE is divided in 9 sections to help the participants meet their potential customers and facilitate the visitors’ movements: specialties and regional food in the United Kingdom and Ireland, cheese and dairy products, meat, fish and sea food, bakery and patisserie, ingredients, drinks and food in general.

During the event, apart from exhibiting the range of products brought by each participant, meetings are organised with potential buyers. 
For those interested in starting their commercial venture in the British market this is an ideal occasion to introduce their products in an environment that enables them to have contacts with the main buyers without the need to arrange specific meetings to present their offering.

IFE 2013, with an increase of 10% in foreign visitors over the previous edition, received 1,125 exhibitors from 51 countries presenting their food and drink products and novelties and it is expected that the next event will receive participants from 100 countries. 

If you wish to receive more information you can contact us by e-mail at pa@ceconsulting.co.uk.

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